Dear Japanese Investors


Why Indonesia?

Indonesian population is the total opposite of Japan’s population, where 70% out of 270 million people are on their productive age.  Moreover, the growth of entrepreneurship is at all time high right now. there are lots of businesses not only there to make profit but to make a sustainable business system where people, profit and planet are their ultimate goal. Lastly, there is this huge collaboration between Japan and Indonesia that is happening right now.
Thus., there is this huge opportunity for foreign investors, especially Japanese investors, who are looking to invest money, network, and effort to work together with the businesses to transform our society and ultimately our world

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teknologi indonesia

The Rising Trend Of Internet User In Indonesia

Covid-19 does magic with the number of internet user in Indonesia. Report said that there’s a huge number of Internet users in Indonesia and that number is simply a huge opportunity for new and early businesses that are focusing on solving real social problems by leveraging technology as part of their business system. 
By understanding this number, people should see how big of a market Indonesia is both online and their offline market. A whopping 270 million population and 338,2 million smartphone connected with 160 million social media population. 
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