Advisor Persona

The C-Suite

Mariko Asmara Yoshihara – CEO

Almost 30 years in Recruitment industry as a Founder and a Head Hunter, Mariko has developed relationship with more than 500 companies in Indonesia and overseas-based companies. She has been starting her journey as an angel investor for 15 companies (including 1,500 employees and 8,500 m2 working place) and mentoring for 20 business owners from IoT, property, financial technology, and social business companies like Krakakoa and since 2014. Her portfolio companies are mostly based in Indonesia, Singapore, and India.

As of 2019, she has done an exit strategy for 4 companies, including JAC Indonesia group and From the gained profit received, she is currently focusing on social works in Indonesia, impact-driven enterprises, and property investment. Through her investment, she is committed to contribute to the millions of life of the unfortunate children and youth.

Focusing on expanding the business who can give lots of impact for Indonesia and can lowering the percentage level in Indonesia. From this journey, she is now involved with 20 companies and 300 employees with total paid capital of IDR 80 billion (or USD 8 million). She was also now heading 1 NGO called The Learning Farm with 500 graduates per year as Organic Farmers.

“I am so proud and happy to be raised in this Digital Era who can allow everyone to make changes in the universe. Let’s work hard like our President Jokowi said: Bekerja- bekerja- bekerja!”

She is very impressed by the work of Muhammad Yunus from and Grameen Bank and has a dream for professionals and executives to put their energy together to build this country through Ango Ventures

Belda Shimura – CMO

Born as a Chinese Indonesia and grew up in the multi-cultural environment in Indonesia honed her interpersonal and several language skills (English, Japanese, Chinese). Restarted her career in Tokyo, handling international business practice between Japan and Europe. This treasury of work experience leads her way to bridge business between Japan and Indonesia. Utilizing her wide and trustworthy network, she is excited to boost up the business of both countries. She has 15 years experience of a broad range working experience in global business communication and development. 

Actively take part in Indonesia governmental relationship with Japanese counterparts as Public Relation in The Business Association of Indonesia in Japan (

Bagus Mahawan – CTO

His strong engineering background leads him to have a strong analytical skill and logical thinking. He is currently running several companies ranging from hospitals, manufacturers, human resources company, to IT and sport companies.

Spent more than 15 years in several cities in Japan allows him to have a deep understanding of Japanese business culture, which then helps him in interactions with Japanese companies and other multinational companies in Indonesia. He is also a PhD in Information and Control Engineering.

He enjoys running and doing some sports during his spare time.

Board Of Advisors

Taihei Ishida

He’s succeeded his father as the president of the Taiyoyuka Inc, in the field of industrial waste focusing on waste oil and sludge. With his deep passion to create a  sustainable business and never-ending innovative spirit, has lead him to established several companies in various business fields.

During his day-off, he boost his productivity by skiing and triathlon exploring some sport spots throughout Japan. 

It is amazing experience to get involved in Indonesia business, an emerging country that will lead the world economy

Noriyuki Kato

His law school experience has honed a sharp analytic skills to create a path as a strategic leader with persistence to support a strong, energized team of diverse viewpoints.

Running Kato Shoji Inc, a company with 60 years history on construction waste management, sets a goal ofzero CO2 emissions by 2050. 

He enjoys his golden time by playing golf with business associates for a wide-ranging conversations and common interests to be discovered. 

It is a great challenge of business to take part in Indonesia’s huge market

Tomohiro Masumi

He has been linking up Japanese and Indonesian companies to implement solution offered by the company. His knowledge and experience has also been developed during his employment in JAC ( Japan Asia Consultants ) as an accounting for consultant, ranging from management consulting, manpower, legal, visa, taxation, and accounting in the scope of Indonesia business.

Ronny Chua 

Ronny Chua holds a bachelor and master degree of psychology, focusing on industrial and organizational psychology. He has 10 years of experience in human resources; building his career both in start-up, and corporate settings. He was a headhunter, managing  a full-cycle of recruiting, which starts from initial research, sourcing, screening, negotiating, placement and on-boarding, mainly for mid to executive level in various industries. He also has  experience managing end to end people functions in startup companies, where he has scaled up the organization in a short time frame. He has also had a full employee experience himself  which is from on-boarding, all the way up to detachment.

Currently, he is working in the People Search Division in one of the biggest ASEAN e-commerce companies  as a recruiter for the talented individuals  in Indonesia.

Mina Lie

For nearly two decades, Gelamisto Founder and President Director Mina Lie has been working to shift the paradigm of healthy dessert in Indonesia. Using only the fresh and natural ingredients, Mina has developed a delicious range of healthy desserts such as Gelato (Italian Ice-cream, healthy drinks and puddings). Prior to her journey in Gelamisto, she had worked in an Indonesian bank and some corporations, such as Bank Danamon, PT. Cisadane Oleochemical Indonesia and PT Multi Indo Beton. Mina Lie earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

Poonam Sagar

Poonam Sagar is an IT entrepreneur, consultant, and mentor with a special interest in the online rich media space, leading projects from concept to implementation with hands-on knowledge of programming, business planning, and marketing.

Co-owner of an international IT firm specializing in tailored solutions and products for media industry and eCommerce projects , and also founder of Indoindians – an online information hub for the Indian community in Indonesia
New startup in healthtech to leverage power of technology for healthcare in Indonesia.
Experience with online marketplaces, retail eCommerce, social networking, & digital interactive technologies.

Has 3 post graduate degrees in science, business and technology. An avid reader, speaker and occasional writer with a motto to Learn, Apply and Achieve.

Dewi Kauw

Dewi Kauw is the founder and formulator at Skin Dewi, an organic and natural skin and body care company with a mission to transform people’s lives through their skin, body health and self-love practice. 

Educated in the US from University of Washington with a bachelor in chemical engineering. Dewi Kauw has experiences ranging from analyst to business and technical consultant.

David John

David graduated from Binus University and currently represents Curio Asia in Japan. He was also the Executive Producer of Kokoro No Tomo series, the first TV show to introduce Japan tourism in Indonesia and co-founded the Indonesian Community in Japan (ICJ), which consists of more than 6000 working professionals in Japan. 

Prior to joining Curio Asia, David worked in IT for around 7 years, Investment Banking for 7 years and Recruitment Industry for another 7 years. David brings all these combined experience to grow together with Ango Ventures.

He is also a professional magician who managed to adopt his business to the virtual medium due to the pandemic, allowing him to keep spreading the joy to corporations and families around the world.

Jane Aurora Nawilis

Jane Aurora Nawilis is a mother of 2 children who is moved by her heart to help anyone to unleash their full potential. She is passionate about continuous learning and providing opportunity for anyone who wants to learn.

She believes highly in the value of education. She loves to promote STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) by providing network and mentoring for those engaged in STEM at a non-profit organization called the Society of Women Engineers Affiliate Jakarta. 

Graduated in 2003 from California State Polytechnic University – Pomona in Electrical Engineering, Jane then worked as a Product Engineer from 2004 to 2010 at Skyworks Solutions, Inc. in California, USA. Since 2010 she has joined Nawilis Auto Service Center in Jakarta that has grown from 3 to 12 outlets and now holds the role of CEO.

Yamaoka Seiji

An MBA degree holder from BBT where Kenichi Ohmae is the university president, and an advisor on the Singapore Economic Board (ECB).  Yamaoka Seiji has been in the fitness field for more than 30 years. He is the founder of a Pilates Yoga studio chain since 2008, and has worked on many of the industry’s first fitness content developments. In 2021, Yamaoka Seiji opened his fitness business in Indonesia.

He also specializes in areas such as store planning and development, branch development, instructor education, content  and fitness program development.

Lilis Ariwaty

Lilis Ariwaty has an educational background at Sugino Fashion College & Knitting Vogue Gakuen and worked as a Patterner & Designer at Te Belle Atelier. She also studied at the Travel and Conductor College (Travel business handling) and has work experience in various tourism industries such as Indonesian Language Instructor at Foreign Service Training Institute, Freelance Narrator & Indonesian Tourist Guide. She is currently the managing director at Gaya International Travel Agency (GITA). 

Haruko Kogiso

Haruko Kogiso has a background of living in Los Angeles for 9 years, in Tokyo for more than 20 years, and in Jakarta for 6 years. Not only understands 3 languages, but she  also focuses  to facilitate, and direct to achieve visible results for business parties. She has expertise in 3 different languages as a Japanese-English interpreter for American Business Training seminars and Japanese-Indonesian interpreter for many renown Indonesian and Japanese companies.

Education is also her field of interest. She was in charge of introducing Keio University’s GIGA program in Indonesian high schools before the pandemic. She also has experience in procurement, such as vendor selection, Contract Checking  and Evaluation.

Takanori Takeda

Takanori Takeda has more than 8 years of business development experience in some of Japan’s leading start-ups and companies listed on the Japan Stock Exchange with high expertise in facilitating new IT services including product ideas, market validation, and Go-to-market strategies. In addition, he has expertise in consulting and execution of  implementing AI in business.

Currently, he works at Infocom Corporation to expand business in the ASEAN region, in parallel with working in several startups as an independent consultant.

Sriwijaya Saputra Ali

Sriwijaya Saputra Ali focuses on Indonesian and Japanese themes who studied at Tokyo International University, majoring in International Broadcasting from 2006 to 2010. He is a media producer, starting his career as an advertising sales intern at MTV Networks Japan in 2008, then becoming a chief producer from 2012 to 2019.

Ir. Sendarius Lesmana

Sendarius Lesmana has traveled to several countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, China, Europe, US, Middle East, while working at Tokyo Electron during the period of 1996-2005. As a worldwide leader, including Japan and South Korea in 2002. Got his Masters degree in Nagaoka University, majoring in Mechanical Systems and Engineering. He has 5 years experience as General Manager at Sanyo Sales Indonesia from 2005 to 2010. Currently, he is Chief Operating Officer since 2010 at PT Panca Kusuma Raya, a Chemical importer and distribution company.

Hiroshi Kojima

After graduating from university, he joined a major IT company and gained experience in all fields such as System Planning, System Construction, Project Management while being involved in the build of core systems of many major companies.
After changing jobs to FUJIFILM, he promoted IT reform for group companies, Mission-Critical system, Consolidated Accounting system, Supply Chain Management system, and Global IT Strategy to name a few.
In addition, he has focused on the development of young human resources in the company and has a lot of experience and knowledge of human resources development. He thinks this is the core competency of a company

Devi Ariyani

Devi Ariyani is a graduate of New York University(2000) and Capilano University(2001). She also has strong soft skills in the fields of marketing, strategy and business development.

From 2011, she has been the managing partner of DASH Consulting Limited, an electronics/electrical manufacturing company in the United Kingdom.

She is a board member of the Indonesia Services Dialogue Council (ISD) since 2017, a regulator and advocate for policy in Indonesia’s services industry.

Andy Pangestu

Andy Pangestu is an Indonesian citizen who grew up and lived in various countries (8 years in Tokyo and 10 years in Singapore) before returning to hometown Jakarta.

Having past experiences in Financial Institutions, such as Market Research at Robert Walters, Credit Analyst at Citigroup, and Credit Risk Operations Head at Deutsche Bank. He is the founder of Doré and The Pancake Co Cafe, partner of LeTAO and also CEO of PT Curio Asia.

Andy Pangestu also has expertise in Branding, Marketing and Sales Strategy.


Daniel Surya is a futurist who is a firm believer of next generation technologies. He founded WIR Group as a new breed of innovative technology company which combines augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence with highly-interactive patented technologies into a metaverse ecosystem. Under his leadership as an Executive Chairman, WIR Group has rapidly evolved and serving more than 20 countries with 1,000 projects globally. Recently, WIR Group has been named as one of metaverse tech companies to watch in 2022 by Forbes Magazine along with names including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Magic Leap, Niantic, and Snap Inc. In 2019, Daniel also had the opportunity to showcase the technology developed by WIR Group in World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland.

Noriaki Yoshihara

Noriaki Yoshihara has 35 years experience of business application software development, mainly for the manufacturing industry, and also implementing ERP projects with system integration at NTT Data in Japan.

At present, he set up his own company, aiming to provide outdoor adventure entertainment in Japan and Indonesia and also to export  Japan’s local superior products like sake(Japanese rice wine) from Nagano to other countries.

While he has been seeking outdoor activities in Indonesia, he came across a mountainous region in east Lombok, Sembalun village in the caldera of Mt. Rinjani. He was so fascinated by the highland village and the people that he joined the Sembalun Foundation as an advisory board member. He has worked for the organization to improve ecotourism, implement waste management systems, and also create employment in the village.

He also enjoys himself as a singer of a gospel style choir and doing outdoor sports activities, including taking long tours by motorbike in Indonesia and Japan.

Kozue Nakada

Kozue Nakada has a background in the BAUX-ARTS (AEON Group) in Japan, PT. Nippon Shokubai  in Cilegon West Java, PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka.  Graduated from Osaka University of Foreign Studies and UGM Indonesia – Indonesia language for foreigners, she has excellent skills in Indonesian, Japanese & English  communication, project process, improvement process with development, and product marketing survey.  Kozue Nakada has a dream to Open Cafe & goods shop with keyword  “ Japanese  & Indonesia “ and establish event organizer with Japanese culture. 

Jemmy Chayadi

Jemmy Chayadi is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) (2000) and Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago (USA) (2004). Jemmy also graduated from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Leadership Program 2016, in partnership with Yale University.

Jemmy is an executive with 20-years of leadership/management experience, Jemmy started his career as an engineer at Shure in Chicago, then moved to China to lead the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives at IKEA Asia Pacific, which ultimately led him back home to Indonesia and grew his career in Sustainability as the Vice President of Sustainability at APRIL Group. He currently working as Director of Strategy & Sustainable Development at  Djarum Foundation

Grace Sabandar

Grace Sabandar is the President Director / CEO of PT Global Business Services. Her extensive experiences have been gained from working in national and multi-national companies in various industries before establishing her own company. Under the company, there are several subsidiaries: GlobalExhibit, GlobalConsult, GlobalPublisher, and GlobalTrade.

For more than 20 years, she has been involved in organizing national and international exhibitions and conferences for various industries, such as : Mining & Energy, Building & Constructions, Climate Change and Environment Technology, Woodworking & Forestry, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Eco-Tourism, etc. Her company is the organizer of Indonesia Pavilion at United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development / Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

Grace, who is also the Co-Founder of Asia Leaders Consortium, who launched her first book titled “INDONESIA THROUGH DIFFERENT LENSES”, written by 18 co-writters from 16 nationalities (including 14 Ambassadors), to promote Indonesia’s tourism.

Aranggi Soemardjan

Aranggi is a graduate of Universitas Trisakti (1993-1994), The University of Memphis (1994-1997), The University of Northampton (2003-2005).

Aranggi Soemardjan is founder of Clevio. Clevio is Coder Camp, where children 6-15 years old learn to build and sell computer games in teams to build. their character, develop logic, practice teamwork, apply academic knowledge, dan learn technopreneurship  Before he build his own company He experiences have been gained from working in national and multinational companies in various industry. He Currently working as Chief Operations Officer at

Meet The Team Project

angin venture

Advising on the company valuation and the investment structure, facilitating the investment execution


David Soukhasing

Managing Director


Benedicta Atika

Impact Investment Lead

vous institute

Advising and assisting on

Social Media and Digitisation


William Lukman Djaja

Social Media Consultant

guido hidayanto

Advising and assisting on the legal process

dirgantara adi

Dirgantara Adi



Market-entry and business consulting services in · JAC Consulting 

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